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Compatible with Windows XP and newer & Mac OS 10.4+
  • - Macromanagement and turn based battles together in a unique combination
  • - Play it how you want: turn based or real time
  • - Two different factions with unique units
  • - Customize new game rules completely
  • - Design your own ship blueprints to kick-ass on the battlefield


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supernova 2: spacewar

Supernova 2: Spacewar is a sci-fi strategy game.

Resources macro-management and detailed turn based wargame battles to create one of the most complete, yet fun to play, strategy sci-fi games!

You'll have to manage carefully your resources, balancing several aspects like researching new technologies, training better troops, raising the people loyalty in your empire, and building the ultimate fleet to conquer the galaxy!

You can play in real-time management mode, for a faster style of play, and skirmish mode where you'll have only to concentrate on building your ship and not worry about resource management.

supernova 2: spacewar supernova 2: spacewar supernova 2: spacewar supernova 2: spacewar supernova 2: spacewar

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