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Compatible with Windows XP+ and Linux
  • - play as male or female with full skills customization
  • - as male, romance Rebecca, Rumi, Lakadema, Milo, Cliff and Shiler
  • - as female, romance Damien, Milo, Tom, Avae, Lakadema, Michelle
  • - branching plot featuring some tough and mutually exclusive choices
  • - a long and satisfying story of over 350,000 words!
  • - 11 different endings based on your choices!

This game is recommended for an adult audience: by clicking the Buy Now button above you confirm you're of legal age to see such content.

Planet Stronghold 2 is the sequel to the first sci-fi VN/RPG made by Winter Wolves.

Several years have passed since the colony of Planet Stronghold was saved from the Descorian threat. Now Lisa/Joshua Nelson have been promoted to Captain, but an increase in rank comes with greater responsibilities.  Even without the threat of the Descorians, the colony is at risk of collapsing due to limited water supplies, food scarcity, and political instability.

planet stronghold planet stronghold planet stronghold

Additionally, there are many alien factions scattered throughout the planet competing with Nelson and her/his team for the precious resources.

Of greater concern is also a series of earthquakes which have scientists worried that the planet is on the verge of a big change, one which could wipe out all life on it.

Like the first title, you'll need to save your colony of Planet Stronghold from all kinds of threats.  Explore the new isometric map, capture resources, craft new items, and fight battles against hostile aliens...and other humans.

planet stronghold planet stronghold planet stronghold

Planet Stronghold 2 features a branching plot, and you can choose the starting conditions at the beginning, allowing you to continue from where you left off from the first game of the series.  Did you become a rebel or were you loyal to your king?  Did you romance anyone or did you remain single?

No matter what you choose at the beginning, in the end you might be lucky to get out of Planet Stronghold...alive.

planet stronghold planet stronghold planet stronghold

There is a lot of romance options in the game, with four straight romances and two homosexual romances for EACH of the two playable protagonists! For the first time ever, you can romance aliens (Shiler, Avae and Lakadema).

The game features 11 different endings based on your choices thorough the story, offering high replayability, and a VN Mode (skipping all the RPG combats) for those only interested in reading the story.

planet stronghold planet stronghold planet stronghold