The Ice Queen - expansion pack

the ice queen magic stones expansion

Your druid is summoned by the Ice Queen herself, the supreme ruler of the Frozen Lands. She wants you to retrieve a precious medallion that she lost in the recent battle against the Blood Orcs in the Wastelands. Many bandits are scavenging the area looking for valuable items, so you must be careful...

In this latest expansion you'll be able to collect 2 new avatars, the Golden Giant for the Life School of magic, and the Griffon for the Spirit School. You'll also face new formidable opponents like ghost spiders, ravage beasts, and so on, in a new quest that will have 2 different endings for a better re-playability.

golden giant

The Golden Giant
(Life Magic stone level 2)

Golden Giants are generally more civilized and educated than the others of their kind. They travel around Aravorn in small groups of 4-5 members, they are moderately aggressive but they prefer to avoid the fight if they can. They're always looking for more gold to forge their armor and weapons.

Attack: 5
Defence: 2
Speed: 2
Hit Points: 50

Special Attack: Cleave (Deals 5-7 damage to target and 2-5 damage to all the other enemies on the battlefield. Attack can be avoided)

the griffon

The Griffon
(Spirit Magic stone level 2)

Griffons aren't very common in the land of Aravorn, except in the Wastelands region. This creature is a very fierce opponent, and once they start attacking they never retreat.

Attack: 5
Defence: 3
Speed: 8
Hit Points: 30

Special Attack: Extra Attack
(When this skill is activated, the avatar gets an extra attack in the current round)

What more you can expect in the expansion?



Demon hunters became very popular recently, due to the increase of demoniac activity.

Yeronjmus is a living legend, it is said that he banished over 100 demons in his career.

Attack: 12
Defence: 5
Speed: 4
Hit Points: 50

Special Attack: Head shot (Deals 50 point of unavoidable damage to target opponent)