Haunted Mines of Vox - expansion pack

Haunted Mines of Vox magic stones expansion

The kingdom is alarmed. There have been several mysterious disappearances around the Mines of Vox lately! The king himself once again has sent you to investigate. You must find what's happening inside the mines and put an end to whoever or whatever is lurking there in the darkness!

Explore the haunted mines and discover 2 new avatars, the beautiful and gentle Fairies and the tough and stubborn Green Lizard. Use those new avatars' powers in this new quest featuring formidable new opponents like the Tunnel Devourer!

the haunted scarecrow

The Fairies (Life Magic stone level 3)

The fairies are mythological creatures living in the most hidden spots of the woods. They're shy, but always willing to help the weakest creatures. One of their best skills consist in empowering their allies, making them stronger, faster and tougher.

Attack: 2
Defence: 4
Speed: 8
Hit Points: 15

Special Attack: Empower (The fairies' prayer doubles the selected ally's attack and defense for 5 turns. The bonus is NOT cumulative)

the haunted scarecrow

The Green Lizard (Spirit Magic stone level 3)

The green lizards are medium-sized dragons, of the dimension of a horse, unable to breath fire but still a tough opponent thanks to their thick natural armor and their innate gift to regenerate dead cells of their body.

Attack: 5
Defence: 5
Speed: 4
Hit Points: 45

Special Attack: Regenerate (The green lizard starts to regenerate, gaining 7 hitpoints every turn for 9 turns. The total hitpoints can't exceed his original value)

What more you can expect in the expansion?

the haunted scarecrow

The Tunnel Devourer

Tunnel devourers are giant beings similar to prehistoric beasts, with long and thin teeth able to crush even the strongest armors. They're almost blind so they orient themselves thanks to their remarkable hearing. Their special attack reduces the current opponent hitpoints to half.

Attack: 10
Defence: 10
Speed: 3
Hit Points: 65

Special Attack: Devouring (The sharp teeth of the devourer crush the enemy, halving its actual hitpoints value)