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Compatible with Windows XP+ and Linux
  • Play as Adriana and uncover the mysteries of House Chavez
  • Full adventure gameplay with items, map, puzzles
  • A mystery psychological horror story
  • Two potential love interests: Silke and Dolores
  • Engage in various minigames
  • Two difficulty modes

This game is recommended for an adult audience: by clicking the Buy Now button above you confirm you're of legal age to see such content.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enigmatic tale of House of Chavez, a captivating psychological thriller visual novel. This gripping narrative intertwines various minigames, a touch of romance, and a compelling mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Take on the role of Adriana, a twenty-one-year-old Texan grappling with the recent loss of her mother. Accompanied by her brother Bruno, they embark on a journey to Europe to explore the house they inherited from their grandmother, Maria Chavez.

Located in a quaint tourist town in Spain, near the border with France, the logical choice would be to sell the property. However, Adriana and Bruno feel a lingering curiosity, wondering why their mother kept them away from the house all these years. It's as if she had a hidden motive for shielding them from its secrets.

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Upon their arrival, Adriana encounters Silke, a former caregiver of Maria Chavez who now works as a waitress in a local pub. Silke holds intimate knowledge of the house, having spent time with their grandmother during her final moments.

Adriana also crosses paths with Dolores, a traveler exploring Europe. She is instantly drawn to her exotic charm and her lively personality. She is very secretive about her history, and she lives in a luxurious hotel in the city.​

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The house is dusty and shrouded in mystery, and Adriana will gradually begin to uncover its secrets from years ago. And maybe, she'll even discover what's happening there in the present.

What lies in store for Adriana as she navigates this enigmatic journey? Will her encounter with Silke or Dolores blossom into a friendship or something more? Can she unravel the mysteries entwined within the House of Chavez?

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