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House of Chavez update

In this first month of 2024 I’ve been working hard on House of Chavez, obviously. Some good news: I’m at very good point. I am also really enjoying working on the game, since it’s refreshing coding all the new mechanics and coming up, once again, with new ways to use Ren’Py! By the way I […]

New Year Goals

And so the 2024 begins! Let’s see what are my goals for this year. Personally, I’ll likely need to do the surgery to the other eye (last year I did only one) early this year, depending when I find the time, so there might be a month of delay or so while I recover. But […]

Good Riddance 2023

Not going to lie, 2023 sucked for me, mostly for personal reasons (so not related to business). It was also an average year for business, but I had worse years for sure. Earlier this year had to deal with an eye surgery (and I’ll likely do another in the early months of next year!). I […]

Bundle Policy

We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Even in that case, a game won't be bundled for at least one year after the release date.