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Hazel is officially out and my first Kickstarter thoughts

I’m happy to announce that Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel is now officially out! You can get it from here: As usual, you’ll be able to redeem Steam keys from itchio once the game is out on Steam, very likely early next month. And now some thoughts about my KS experience. As you probably […]

New Year Goals

If I look back at my 2020 goals, I have mixed feelings: I mean, yes I finished Planet Stronghold 2 and Volleyball Heaven, and I’m at good point with Summer In Trigue, but I didn’t release that third game I was hoping to. Of course 2020 wasn’t exactly a normal year, and in the […]

Merry Xmas and year review

First of all, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone! I am running the usual sale on itchio: Steam: if you buy on itchio my cut is bigger and you get a Steam key anyway!) Today I’m going to do the usual “end of year review” post, and I think will be interesting. […]

Bundle Policy

We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Even in that case, a game won't be bundled for at least one year after the release date.