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ToA: An Elven Marriage update and other stuff

Hi everyone, as I’m writing this blog post I’m waiting for the last backgrounds (I was using temporary/placeholders in some scenes) and edited texts of my upcoming VN/RPG ToA: An Elven Marriage. This month I also got the custom outfits for Elenor/Saren from the backers, and I like how they turned out! I must admit […]


Tofu, together with Nina, was my favorite cat of mine. Her big round eyes and her funny expression will always remain stuck in my mind. She was pretty popular on social media as well, the picture below was shared on Tumblr almost 45,000 times! Sadly, today I had to put Tofu to sleep, due to […]

Why making RPGs is harder than you might think

First of all, an update – ToA: An Elven Marriage beta could be out this Fall, September or October (much depends on editor right now). I’ve been working on this RPG since past year, taking frequent breaks. It’s taking me so long due to my eye issues (now solved in one eye, but likely will […]

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We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Even in that case, a game won't be bundled for at least one year after the release date.