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The Beastmaster Princess is out and new Kickstarter “Save The World”

First of all, my new fantasy visual novel “The Beastmaster Princess” is now out both on itchio and Steam. You can buy it from here: Or here: As already posted previously for the Steam version I decided to save myself the useless efforts of trying to censor it and just went with adult-only […]

The Beastmaster Princess beta

I am excited to announce that my upcoming game, The Beastmaster Princess, is now in beta testing on The testing phase is expected to conclude by the end of the month, after which the game will be available on Steam. Purchasing on will also provide a free Steam key. For more information please […]

New Year Goals

Happy New Year! As every year, I’ll set my own new year goals in the first post of the year. This time I’m taking into account my eye issues, which luckily for now doesn’t seem too bad. But still something to consider especially for big games like the RPGs – staying hours looking at spreadsheets […]

Bundle Policy

We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Even in that case, a game won't be bundled for at least one year after the release date.