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The Queen Of Thieves – Thalia

Thalia is probably my favorite character of this game. Whenever she opens mouth, I laugh that alone is a good reason to like her in my opinion! But to know her better, read the writer’s official intro: Thalia is the … Continue reading

The Queen Of Thieves – Kira

This week is the turn of another main character, Kira (the middle sister): Kira is the middle child and often feels the pressure of such a position. During her younger days, she always found herself trapped between Joanne and Thalia … Continue reading

The Queen Of Thieves – Joanne

It feels really weird for me to post the first character profile of this game – originally announced back in 2011 !! But as they say, better late than never 😉 So let’s start with the oldest sister, Joanne: Joanne … Continue reading